• 252 Plus Metal Structured Packing
  • 252 Plus Metal Structured Packing
  • 252 Plus Metal Structured Packing
  • 252 Plus Metal Structured Packing

252 Plus Metal Structured Packing

Manufacturing Process: Stamping
Surface Treatment: Without Processing
Material: Stainless Steel
Pressure Drop Per Theoretical Stage: 0.3-1 Mbar
Pressure Drop at 70%-80% Flooding: 2 Mbar/M
Minimum Liquid Load Approx: 0.2 M3/M2h
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Maximum Liquid Load
More Than 200m3/M2h
Transport Package
Wooden Pallet
Any size
HS Code

Product Description

Product Description

252 Plus  Metal Structured packing :
Since The first generation of structured packing arose in the early 1940s, It has undergone constant upgrades and modifications in several decades. Open honeycomb structure with inclined flow channels had provided a relatively high surface area but with very low resistance to gas flow. 252 Plus Structured packing's distinguishing features is curve channel of packing unit. This design has not only ensue air flow's smooth and steady change in innser structured packing bed, but also reduced the pressure drop and shear force, and overcome the flooding phenomenon at the joint of the packing.

With the patented high-performance packing, the angle of the lamella is adjusted from 45 ° to 0 ° in the edge area. This allows the gas and the liquid to pass from one packing layer to the other more easily. Furthermore, the lamellar angle is changed again in the middle of the element. In this so-called pulse section, there is a better gas-liquid mixing. The capacity of the column can thus be increased by up to 30% with the same packing surface and thus the same separation efficiency. A new column can be designed either with a smaller diameter or a higher capacity reserve.
At revamps, throughput increases at constant separation performance are easily possible.
The high capacity structured packings are available in 200, 250, 300, 350, 425, 450, 500 and 750 m² / m³ specific surface area.


Detailed Photos
252 Plus Metal Structured Packing
252 Plus Metal Structured Packing



Product Parameters
Type/ Theoretical Plate Number/
Surface area
Void ratio/

Liquid Loading/

F Factor/F
Pressure Drop/
125Y 1-1.2 125 98.5 0.2-100 3 2.0*10 -4
250Y 2-3 250 97 0.2-100 2.6 3.0*10 -4
350Y 3.5-4 350 95 0.2-100 2.0 3.5*10 -4
500Y 4-4.5 500 93 0.2-100 1.8 4.0*10 -4
700Y 6-8 700 85 0.2-100 1.6 4.6-6.6*10 -4
125X 0.8-0.9 125 98.5 0.2-100 3.5 1.3*10 -4
250X 1.6-2 250 97 0.2-100 2.8 1.4*10 -4
350X 2.3-2.8 350 95 0.2-100 2.2 1.8*10 -4
Packaging & Shipping
252 Plus Metal Structured Packing
252 Plus Metal Structured Packing
252 Plus Metal Structured Packing


Installation Instructions

1.1:The packing is assembled from the top of the support and marked at a certain distance (e.g. 1 or 2 meters) in order to keep track of the height tolerance of the packing layer.As soon as damage to the tower wall is detected, stop and notify the relevant personnel to deal with it in a timely manner.
1.2:The first layer of Metal structured packing 's installation direction is refer to assemble diagram. As for the rest of Metal Structured packing, each layer is staggered at 90 degrees to the next adjacent layer. Each packing module will be lied by the drawing sequence.Perimeter Packing Modules must be tightly fitted to the tower wall without any gaps. Other Packing modules has not any gap. After installation of each layer, Using filling tool to adjust each module's the looseness and tightness ensure all modules' Loosen and tighten evenly. After then, remove the wire and packing tape and tread lightly with your feet. No clutter is allowed in the tower
1.3:Each layer of packing is assembled from the wall towards the center of the tower. If a large gap in the last piece of the installation's happened, we can use one piece or many piece to be filled in the gap. Strictly forbidden to kick or poke the packing.
1.4:The installer should hold the packing gently to minimize damage to the packing during installation
1.5:In the case of special reason for not being able to install,Emergency treatment in accordance with the advice of our on-site instructors
1.6:If the tower roundness bias is very big(indirectly influence Module installation), inform our on-site instructor and and enter withdrawal and cut corrugated monoliths with his approval.No withdrawal and cutting without prior consent.
1.7:After each layer of packing is installed, it must be approved by our on-site instructor before the next tray of packing is installed

252 Plus Metal Structured Packing
252 Plus Metal Structured Packing


Company Profile

252 Plus Metal Structured Packing

Our Advantages

1:Automatic Intelligent warehouse
1.1 Allows auto handling and scanning of label info via OCR technology which integrated to Fxsino's warehouse system.
1.2 Magnetic Guidance Lurking AGV Unmanned vehicle can pick, deliver,yard all cargo to warehouse.
1.3: Connected with FXSINO EPR to fulfill warehouse process automation
1.4:Warehouse capacity is close to 80000 cbms

2:Intelligent management robot
2.1: 24 hours non-stop inspection against product's quality,package,worker's efficiency and so on .
2.2 Timely find equipment's failure and inform technical staff to repair
2.3.Face recognition technology will monitor workers working status and prevent irregularities by outsiders.

3:AR visual system+5G+MAS
3.1 Based on China Unicom mobile proxy server full coverage, Our customers can see the production status of orders in real time through AR glasses.
3.2 we can collect all data,include in product daily output, material consumption, warehouse real-time inventory, order progress and so on via 5G data platform.

4:Technical research and development capability
4.1 Through cooperation with co-partner named tianjin University,Zhejiang University of Technology,Nanchang University,Tsinghua University and so on,we can provide EPC to you. Meanwhile, to assist customers to resolve with facing problem.


  1. Monomers from plastics (MDI, DMT, etc.)
  2. Fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty acid esters
  3. Mono, di, tri, and tetra-ethylene glycols
  4. Pharmaceutical products (vitamins, etc.)
  5. Fragrances (menthol, geraniol, etc.)
  6. Separations of mixed isomers
  7. Fine chemicals
  8. Flue Gas Absorber

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